Hi! I’m Lisa Goodman, and I’m running for reelection to the Minneapolis City Council in the 7th Ward.

We are living through another period of change, and it is clear there is concern for the city’s future. I share that concern. I have dedicated my life to standing up for opportunity and fairness. I came to Minnesota after college to work for Paul Wellstone because he represented the positive change I wanted to see, then I fought for women’s reproductive rights as the Executive Director of Minnesota NARAL before running for this seat because there wasn’t another female candidate on the ballot.

I’m running now because we have more to do to provide opportunities to ALL Minneapolis residents, and I know we can do these things because I’ve spent my time on the City Council getting things done. 

I champion affordable housing on the City Council. Under my leadership, the City has produced or preserved more than 10,000 units of affordable housing. I founded the city’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund and continue to challenge the city to do better on housing so the families with greatest need find a home. Last year, I authored an ordinance to protect renters who use housing vouchers from discrimination from landlords.

I lead Minneapolis’ investment in smart, sustainable green infrastructure and our treasured parks. I led the effort to establish green roofs downtown, including City Hall, Target Center, and Central Library to mitigate damage to our ecosystem from stormwater runoff and keep our city cool. I worked to establish the solar array on the Minneapolis Convention Center, the largest in the Midwest, to help reduce carbon-emitting fossil fuels. Last year it became apparent that our neighborhood parks were in financial trouble, and I worked with the Park Board to fund parks for 20 years, providing continuity in our commitment to our parks.

I drive workforce development and support for small business. As a Democrat, I know that a rising tide raises all ships, and I make sure residents have jobs. I have supported vocational training, authored changes to allow food trucks to operate in Minneapolis, and helped establish a partnership to provide free college education at MCTC for anyone who graduated from a Minneapolis Public School. I also authored a Halal lending program to expand opportunities for our immigrant neighbors to start small businesses.

Whether it has been providing affordable housing so families with the greatest need have a home, striking a deal to fund our neighborhood parks, or attracting innovative businesses so residents have access to good living wage jobs, I’ve done the work to find space in our budget for sustainable solutions for Minneapolis families, kids, and seniors.

I love our City, and have more work to do. I hope to earn your vote on November 7th.


 Lisa is proud to be endorsed by:

US Senator Al Franken    Governor Mark Dayton   Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith




“More than ever, experienced leadership matters. So does prioritizing a vibrant downtown as an economic engine for the city and the region. That’s why Seventh Ward incumbent Lisa Goodman is our clear favorite in the Nov. 7 election.”

Star Tribune

Editorial Board

“I met Lisa Goodman when she was working on my friend Paul Wellstone’s first campaign, and have watched her build an impressive track record of progressive accomplishments in Minneapolis as my Council Member. Her experience with affordable housing is more important than ever as we look to navigate the next four years, and I will be proud to vote for her again on November 7.”

Al Franken

Minnesota Senator

“Before I was elected governor I lived in the 7th ward and very much appreciated City Councilmember Lisa Goodman’s progressive values, and her valuable and effective experience. On the Minneapolis City Council Lisa is an accomplished leader on affordable housing, funding parks, energy and the environment, and has led a strong economic development strategy to create living wage jobs.  Lisa Goodman deserves your vote on November 7th.”

Mark Dayton

Minnesota Governor

“Minneapolis needs experienced, progressive leaders like Lisa Goodman on the City Council.  I worked directly with Lisa to move our city forward including paying down debt, investing in affordable housing and bringing development and high paying jobs to our city.  Let’s make sure in this year’s election we elect an accomplished, responsive and strong woman, Lisa Goodman November 7th.”

Tina Smith

Lieutenant Governor

“Lisa’s experience and passion can’t be duplicated – she is empathetic and committed to the residents, workers and business people in our ward.  And just as important,  Lisa is a respected, influential leader on the City Council who is able to partner progressive ideas with sustainable, sensible solutions to make Minneapolis an even better place for people to thrive and businesses to prosper.   We need Lisa’s steady leadership and experience more than ever with the many challenges and opportunities our City is facing.”

David Wilson

22 year Lowry Hill resident, downtown worker, booster & volunteer

“The Minnesota Nurses Association is proud to endorse Lisa Goodman for City Council. Lisa shares nurses’ beliefs and vision for healthcare as a human right for all. She will advocate for nurses’ priorities like access to quality, affordable healthcare; collective bargaining rights for all workers; and the opportunity to succeed no matter where people live or who they are, including raising the minimum wage in Minneapolis.”

Mary Turner

President, Minnesota Nurses Association

“Lisa’s advocacy for affordable housing in the city stands out among other city leaders. Her deep commitment to facilitate funding and strategic support in the 7th ward and citywide has been critical for well-conceived projects like Lydia Apartments, Emanuel Housing, St. Barnabas, Higher Ground and, most recently, Great River Landing, to become realities. Lisa’s been the driving force on the Council on affordable housing policy and finance. Many Minneapolis citizens now have secure housing and more stable lives because of her. She’s not just talk. She gets things done.”

Sonia Cairns

Community activist and affordable housing leader

“Now more than ever, urban sustainability and environmental policy depend on innovation at the local level. Lisa has been a consistent supporter of green building policies, energy benchmarking, and installation of solar energy on city-owned facilities. With Lisa as a champion, Minneapolis has become one of a handful of cities leading the way on green infrastructure, including one of the largest green roofs in the country on the Target Center and one of the earliest green roofs in downtown on the Central Library. She supported the City’s stormwater utility initiative, demonstrations of parking areas that manage their own stormwater, and including pollinator habitat in the central courtyard of City Hall where bees now produce honey. Her record won her the national Civic Leadership Award from Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, the trade association for green infrastructure in North America.”

Michael Krause

Founder of the Green Infrastructure Foundation and environmental policy expert

“When we started our food truck, Chef Shack, Lisa worked hard as our advocate to allow fo​​od trucks to operate in Minneapolis. Now, the success of our food truck allowed us to open two small restaurants which lets us work in a business we love, while employing people year round. Lisa has helped us navigate city regulations, expand our business and helped us succeed. We love you Lisa!”

Carrie Summer and Lisa Carlson

Owners of Chef Shack

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