Our neighborhood parks are the heart and soul of Minneapolis. They provide every neighborhood with safe and well-maintained playgrounds, after school programs for kids, activities for seniors, and hiking, biking, and walking trails for the entire community.

Our park buildings and amenities were crumbling, and we were reaching a breaking point. Thanks to Lisa Goodman initiating a historic agreement between the city and the Park Board, we were able to avoid an irreversible decline in park quality, service and programming cuts, and possibly the closure of parks, which would have threatened the wellbeing of our city’s kids and the quality of life of our entire community.


Minneapolis is home to many neighborhoods with unique opportunities and challenges, but they all have one thing in common: parks. Lisa led the charge to secure new funding for our parks at the City Council, something many elected officials like me felt was impossible. Her understanding of the city budget, and her ability to find common ground led to a sustainable solution.

I was on hand as Lisa was awarded the Trust for Public Land’s 2017 Conservation Leadership Award, which recognized her vision, leadership, and commitment on this issue. Securing long term investments in Minneapolis for neighborhood parks over the next 20 years with a focus on the most underserved neighborhoods is no small feat, and she deserved the recognition.

I am proud that my Council Member stood up when no else would and worked with all of the interested parties to craft a deal to fund neighborhood parks. Make no mistake, this historic deal happened because Lisa persisted to get it done.

Please join me in voting for Lisa Goodman on November 7. Now more than ever, we need a council member who understands the relationship between smart fiscal management and progressive goals.

Anita Tabb