As our city has prospered and grown, too many have been left behind. That’s why I have been a leader on workforce development, job training, and economic opportunity as chair of the city’s Community and Economic Development agency. From developing a Halal lending program to help New Americans and immigrants raise the resources they need to start small businesses to eliminating barriers to growth, I understand that working with small businesses is how we grow jobs and provide economic opportunity for those who need the city’s help the most.

Economic development is also critical to a safe and livable city, and small businesses play an important role in creating jobs and delivering goods and services to our residents. That is why I have consistently and vocally opposed local taxpayer subsidies for professional sports stadiums in Minneapolis, and would rather give public support to 150 small businesses than $150 million to one billionaire team owner.

I have worked hand on a number of initiatives to support entrepreneurship and the creation of jobs in Minneapolis, including:

Changing city ordinance to allow food trucks to operate
Recruiting Izzy’s Ice Cream to open a factory and ice cream shop and the American
Academy of Neurology to move downtown from the suburbs with 400 jobs
Working to construct the first downtown grocery store, Lunds
Reforming city codes and bringing regulations up to date to allow for pedicabs,
honeybees on rooftops, rooftop dining, and reduced fees for sidewalk cafes.

“Following Lisa’s action to allow food trucks on Minneapolis streets, our food truck, Chef Shack, started selling items like bison burgers and mini doughnuts to hungry pedestrians. Lisa has been an advocate for small businesses, and the success of our food truck allowed us to open two small restaurants. Now, we can work in a business we love, while employing people year round. Lisa has helped us navigate city regulations, expand our business and helped us succeed.”
– Carrie Summer and Lisa Carlson, Owners of Chef Shack

When we attract innovative businesses, residents have access to good living wage jobs. Minneapolis can create opportunities for every one of our residents by emphasizing growth. Growth is critical for our city; it increases our tax base, easing the pain of property taxes and fees, which allows us to more readily pursue our progressive goals.

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